The Firm
Ravimon G, is a Chartered Accountant in India, in practice since 1985.

The firm was established by CA. G.Ravimon FCA, Chartered Accountant.
Mr. Ravimon worked as Manager, Bank of Baroda, between 1979 to 1985, before setting up practice as CA.

Now he leads a team of dedicated professionals, with professional expertise and experience. It has a networked team of professionals and has associate firms operating from Cochin, Chennai and Bangalore.

In Cochin itself, the firm is networked to Pankajakshan & Associates, Chartered Accountants. Mr. T. Pankajakshan is a Chartered Accountant in practice from the year 1971.

The firm has good clientele covering
  • Individuals,
  • Non-corporate bodies like partnership firms,
  • Corporates, both public and private.
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